How to Be in Your Uniqueness

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I believe that we are all an essence of God and are blessed with a unique set of qualities when we are born. We are given different gifts which is unique to each of us so that we can serve the world in our own unique way.

When we start being in uniqueness, we start enjoying lots of benefits like:

  • the power to achieve our goals
  • a positive and happy mindset
  • raise in our body’s energy levels
  • plenty of time to do things we love
  • ability to attract good opportunities, good people, etc.

It is an unfortunate reality that most people spend their entire lives without knowing their uniqueness. It is not because it’s very complex to find out. It is just that our schooling system and society has trained our minds to follow the status quo and join the rat race. We were not encouraged to think out-of-the-box to identify our unique talents. In this blog, I’ll be sharing the 5 simple steps that I followed to be in my uniqueness and you can too!

1. Do not compare yourself with others

If you are unknowingly comparing yourself with your friends, siblings, neighbors, colleagues, etc., come out of that self destructive habit immediately. I’ve always been a below average student in school. Science and Maths would make me shiver! On the other hand, my brother is a physics genius. He now runs an Institute to teach Thermodynamics. Though I have huge respect for him and his achievements, I cannot imagine myself in his shoes. Had I followed him and chosen engineering as my career, my life would’ve been miserable.

2. Identify your Success Pattern

Look back at your life and think of all the instances where you have done something which has made you feel happy, powerful and successful. These are the times when you have been using your unique gifts. I’ve always felt great when I got the opportunity to train people. I felt powerful when I handled situations that dealt with people. I loved healing and serving people. Likewise, think of situations that made you feel successful. Can you see a repetitive pattern there?

3. Identify your Failure Pattern

However smart we are, there would be certain areas that we are very bad at. Similar to success, failure is also a pattern. Think of the situations that always make you feel uncomfortable, fearful and unhappy. I discovered the fact that I am dyslexic only in my 30s. Until then I thought that I was dumb because I was terrible with memorizing things, writing formula, learning languages, etc. If I chose a career that involved remembering too many things, I would’ve been a huge failure.

4. Invest in your Success Pattern

Once you identify what you are good at and what you are not good at you can go deeper into improving your success pattern. We have the ability to become better and better at every skill that we already possess. I had the natural gift of healing people. But, I invested a lot of time and money in developing my healing skills by attending lots of workshops and getting certified as a professional healer. Similarly, if speaking is your unique skill, you can further develop it by taking a speaking course and becoming the best at it.

 5. Get Clarity on What You Want

There is no use in just identifying your uniqueness and developing it, if you do not know how to use it. We are lucky to live in the opportunity age. There are plenty of opportunities to utilize your talents in every field. Start looking for ways to earn a living using your skills. Make your passion your profession, not just a weekend hobby. Browse the internet, network with people and find out how you can serve the world while being in your uniqueness. If you are already doing what you love doing, then see how you can reach out your talent to more and more people. After all, life is about serving others in the best possible way!

Try doing these 5 steps yourself. If you need further guidance in identifying your uniqueness, I am there to help you.

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